Guilds of Gods NFTs

Guilds of Gods Cosmetics have been released as collectable tokens on Ethereum! This allows users to take full control of their items and own it in their personal Ethereum wallets.

Acquire Through Markets

Tokens on Ethereum can be traded on NFT markets such as Once purchased, they will be sent to your Ethereum address. These Ethereum tokens can be used in-game by linking your Ethereum address to your Guilds of Gods account. You keep your cosmetics on your wallet, and we use Ethereum to read them from your address.

Acquire In-Game

While playing Guilds of Gods, players have the opportunity to purchase cosmetics in a few ways. Firstly, players may purchase directly from the store at a price based on the item’s rarity. Additionally, the discount section offers players eight cosmetics for a reduced price which refreshes every 24 hours. Players can reroll the discount selection in payment of “Favor”, a free in-game currency earned by playing the game.

Transfer (Coming Soon)

All cosmetics are created on Ethereum, and can only be purchased in-game if our address still has supply available (0x958a...873c). If you purchase a cosmetic in-game, you will have the ability to transfer the cosmetic to your Ethereum address and still use it in-game. We just ask you to pay the gas costs.

Limited Supply

Since cosmetics are tokens, they are capped at a fixed supply. This means once a cosmetic has fully sold out, it will never go on sale again.


Cosmetics have different supply limits depending on the item’s rarity. These supply rates are based on how frequently a cosmetic can be found from the discount roll section in-game. The rates are outlined below.

Item Rarity Roll Chance Total Supply
Common 1:4 10,000
Uncommon 1:20 5,000
Rare 1:330 1,000
Mythical 1:2,900 100
Royal 1:21,800 20
Godly 1:600,000 3

Actual rates may vary depending on how many cosmetic items are available.