Sat Mar 27 2021
(68) Visual Update & NFTs

    - Day night cycle effects
    - Z-layering
    - Minimap icons for shops, landmarks and quests.
    - Discord integration.
    - Optimizations.
    - Cosmetic Tokens released as NFTs on Ethereum.

Thu Jan 14 2021
(67) Streamlined Tutorial

    - Updated tutorial to be easier to follow
    - Fixed random events.
    - Fixed minor bugs.

Tue Dec 22 2020
(66) Winter Season

    - Christmas Holiday themed items dropping across Eloria
    - Snowy winter map

Thu Dec 10 2020
(65) Early Access Android Release & Bugfixes

    - Android release now available on Google Play as early access.
    - Skill guides! Click any skill from your stats screen to see info about that skill.
    - Updates to the tutorial; a little more friendly to newcomers.
    - Random events appear in rare cases when doing manual actions.
    - Updated Volcano visuals.
    - Many bugfixes.

Sun Oct 25 2020
(64) Item Dragging & Halloween Event

    - You can now reorder items in your inventory and storage with drag.
    - New halloween cosmetic masks dropping throughout the world and in cosmetic shop.
    - Various bugfixes.

Sat Oct 10 2020
(63.1) Hotfixes

    - Crown to Favor converter fixed.
    - Market stalls can be built in Fiewon and Bodiam & other stall fixes.
    - Guild Entrance Exam tour no longer breaks camera.
    - Randomly spawning chickens fixed.
    - Stuck in-game while under attack bug fixed.

Fri Oct 09 2020
(63) Cosmetics Shop, World Map, Home Teleport & New Tutorial

    - Tutorial redesigned, learn about camps and join your preffered guild.
    - Home teleport added, become an apprentice at a guild to unlock other locations.
    - 3 Guild entrance exam quests.
    - New Cosmetic shop with over 150 unique items.
    - Added a world map.
    - Market Stalls can be setup in all cities.
    - Item collection enchantments fixed.
    - Emperor invasion spawning fixed.

Thu Sep 24 2020
(62) Idle Logout, Storage Search & Bugfixes

    - Your storage can now be searched by name.
    - Option to keep account logged in when closing client added.
    - Various bug fixes. Fixed enchanted gems bugs.
    - Other client optimizations.

Mon Sep 14 2020
(61.3) Death Items Update

    - Buying items lost on death can now be done at bankers.
    - Lost items now cost 10% of their value.

Thu Sep 10 2020
(61.2) More fixes

    - Major optimizations to client.
    - Fishing rebalance.
    - New held items, trees, world object sprites.
    - Fixed archery store in melee guild.
    - Fixed tome of collection dialog to talk about gems instead.
    - Ring/Amulet mold sprites swapped.
    - Fixed silk dropping on ground when crafting.
    - Thieving camps fixed.
    - Camps continue when no resources present.
    - Silk renamed to silk string.

Sat Sep 05 2020
(61.1) Hotfixes

    - More new sprites.
    - Gold Rock visible.
    - Invasion duration set to 1 hour.
    - Emperor Respawn time set to 5 days.
    - Upgraded emperor's data storage.
    - Performance optimizations.

Sun Aug 30 2020
(61) Character Customization, Map Expansion, Enchantments, Guilds, Emperor Invasions & Running!

    - New character models, animations & sprites.
    - New character customization screen.
    - 11 enchantable gems and 16 new enchantments.
    - Multiple gems can be combined when crafting necklaces and rings.
    - Added running.
    - Added a new Clothing Store, Barber & Wizard Surgeon NPCs.
    - Added dungeons beneath the Mining Guild & the Goblin Settlement.
    - Created Patreon Embassy.
    - New world sprites for rocks, trees & more.
    - Reduced the size of the client.
    - Various bug and performance fixes.
    - Teragon Mining Guild.
    - Salmo Fishing Guild.
    - Acernis Woodcutting Guild.
    - Guilds contain a Community Chest to upgrade the guilds.
    - Upgraded guilds have better shop stock, guards, & special locations
    - Guilds have Guild Masters and other unique NPCs.
    - Emperor leads invasions into guilds, reclaiming them for the empire.
    - Guilds falling into empire control has consequences for players.
    - New Gem Rock unlockable in Teragon.
    - New Crab Pot Fishing and Hand Fishing unlockable in Salmo.
    - New Silk Worms on trees unlockable in Acernis.
    - Buy-back items on death.. for a price.
    - Killing players earns Soul Coins.
    - The Obelisk minigame fixed.
    - New environment and building tilesets.
    - Five Obelisks in the world used for enchanting silk.
    - Alpha Shirts available to all Alpha players!

Wed Mar 11 2020
(60) New Quest

    - New quest, Billy & Vixen's Meals.
    - Miscellaneous bugfixes.

Sat Mar 07 2020
(59) Level Restoration

    - Levels restore by 1 point per minute.
    - Various hotfixes from v58.
    - Internal testing suite for automating testing.

Sun Feb 23 2020
(58) First Quest & Farming Expansion

    - Added the first quest, A Cow Murder.
    - Added buckets with milk, flour, water.
    - Several recipies for making dough, beef and chicken pot pies, and cakes.
    - Added sheep, wool and yarn.
    - New areas to explore.

Fri Feb 21 2020
(57) Bugfixes

    - Improved lag when switching back to game tab.
    - Fixed shop selling and market offers changing.
    - Alpha wolf fixed.
    - Bounty icons working better.
    - First quests coming soon!

Mon Feb 10 2020
(56.2) Farm Animals & Food Expansion

    - Added cows and a farmer NPC.
    - Added empty buckets and buckets of milk.
    - Added steak, eggs and chicken.
    - Added new farmlands.
    - Fixed bugs letting you interact with NPCs over walls.
    - Fixed Wolf NPCs to use Wolf sprites & animations.
    - Fixed map scrolling & clicking bug and client crash on logout.

Tue Feb 04 2020
(56.1) Hotfixes

    - Attack options bug fixed.
    - Scrambler giving invalid items fixed.
    - Added bind shards to bowstrings and bows.
    - Added profanity filter toggle.

Mon Feb 03 2020
(56) Tutorial, More Spells & Areas!

    - New tutorial island for new players to learn the basics.
    - Doors!
    - Customized NPCs.
    - New exclusive area in the woodcutting guild.
    - New tier 50 chests.
    - New "Pure" coal only found in the mining guild.
    - Gold ore released in preperation for gemcutting.
    - New area pickup spells.
    - Attack options default to a safer option.
    - Fixed 0 hp bug.

Sun Jan 05 2020
(55.1) Audio Buttons & Bugfixes

    - You can now adjust the SFX and Music levels from settings.
    - Alchemy fixed.
    - Added HP number to healthbars.
    - Force essence adjusted.

Sun Jan 05 2020
(55) Patreon NPCs, Music, Sound Effects

    - Patreon NPCs are in the game for eligible donors.
    - Music was added to the game.
    - Sound effects were added to the game.
    - Map bug fixes for missing walls and blemishes.

Fri Jan 03 2020
(54.1) Email and Password Settings Fix

    - Emails for registering email and changing password fixed.
    - Increased droprate for spell pages (again).
    - Remember me and hide password fields added to guest sign-in.

Thu Jan 02 2020
(54) Balancing and Bugfixes

    - Essence shards earned from incinerating increased.
    - Spell Page drops rebalanced.
    - Fixed stats graphical bug, shop full bug & other fixes.

Mon Dec 30 2019
(53) Spells Update and Massive Map Update

    - Spell tab with 22 unlockable spells added. Must unlock to cast from spellbook.
    - Map size increased from 200x200 to 400x400 with many new places to explore!
    - 2 new teleports, 17 new spell pots.

Sun Dec 29 2019
(52.1) UI Tooltips

    - Added UI tooltips for more information on what buttons and interfaces do.

Sun Dec 22 2019
(52) Party Room & Festivities

    - Players can host drop parties in the party room found in Hyrill.
    - Christmas holiday drops reintroduced, and a new item to be found.

Mon Dec 16 2019
(51.2) Server/User Logs Improvements

    - Gathering more information about servers and users.
    - Reduced memory and processing to record logs.
    - Other miscellaneous bugs fixed.
    (Something fun next :D)

Sat Sep 28 2019
(51.1) Bugfixes

    - Market stalls purchasing bug fixed.
    - Mouse input improved.

Sat Sep 28 2019
(51) Level 100 Skill Standards

    - If you have a stat at level 100, the mysterious man will offer you a banner to display your skill.
    - Full Indie Summit banner added to celebrate the event. Found throughout the world, today only!
    - Fixed item pickup bug.

Mon Sep 23 2019
(50) Multiple Servers

    - Support for switching between other servers. (Cross server PM coming soon.)
    - New lobby soundtrack. More quality tracks coming soon from Settingscon.

Mon Sep 16 2019
(49) Guest/Google Login & Account Management

    - New users may begin playing without a username or password to start.
    - Change username for 10M favor, guests get their first change free.
    - One-Click login button added to lobby for quick rejoin.
    - Options to change password and email verification.

Thu Aug 29 2019
(48.2) Bugfixes and Login Messages

    - Login messages re-added to global chat. Can be turned off in settings.
    - Miscellaneous performance and data bugfixes.
    - Indie flier collectable added to game for public meetup events.

Mon Jul 29 2019
(48.1) Performance Bugfixes

    - Several updates to code cleanup.
    - Lag when returning to game from another tab fixed.

Fri Jun 21 2019
(48) Friends List & Construction Update

    - Added friends list for seperate private messaging. Removed login spam from chat.
    - Fixed utlity upgrades, increased max use count on upgrades. Added iron ranges for faster cooking.

Wed Jun 05 2019
(47.1) Numerous UI Bugfixes

    - All scrollbars have been replaced; this fixes misclicking, cutoff text, scrolling issues and more.

Sat Jun 01 2019
(47) Hairstyles, Men & Bugfixes

    - Hairstyles are now a thing! Customization for adventurers coming soon.
    - Men of various levels and styles found throughout GoG.

Sat May 25 2019
(46.3) Market Stall Updates & More Bugfixes

    - Market stalls now buy and sell items from your storage, no longer a bound adventurer.
    - Client performance updates.

Wed May 22 2019
(46.2) Timer & Combat Bugfixes

    - Timers now operate as they did before; clicking each tick increases success rate.
    - "Already in combat" bug fixed.
    - Fixed chat not breaking after relog.
    - Mysterious crash bug fixed.

Tue May 21 2019
(46.1) Bugfixes

    - Reimplemented soe rolledback updates.
    - Fixed drawstring success rate.
    - Fixed failing to continue theiving when getting caught.
    - Golems power reduced.

Mon May 20 2019
(46) Golems & Other Updates

    - Mining without camps gives your adventurer a chance to come across an agressive golem.
    - If you are successful in slaying a golem, you may be rewarded with powerful rock artifacts.
    - Thread rock artifacts to obtain necklaces with special effects while mining.
    - There are two new teleports to Bodiam and Hyrill (southern cities).
    - New special areas added.

Mon May 13 2019
(45.2) More Bugfixes

    - Map spawn point has been changed to inside of the town of Fiewon.
    - Fixed some fishing spots and other map errors.
    - Players are given a second chance at life if they die when they are starting out.
    - Mysterious Old Man re-added to the map.
    - Projectiles in PvP can now hit their target.

Thu May 09 2019
(45.1) Bugfixes

    - Fixed some ladders leading to nowhere.- Fixed being able to attack others through floors.
    - Other misc. map and client fixes (fonts).

Thu May 09 2019
(45) Introducing Favor & "Unlimited" Bankspace

    - Earn favor by earning XP in any skill.
    - Spend favor to increase your storage space, there is no limit.
    - Money bags increase the favor multiplier when worn FOR ALL PLAYERS.

Sun May 05 2019
(44.1) Tutorial Changed & Minor Bugfixes

    - Moved Osaik to North of Fiewon, put a small chicken pen there too.
    - Fixed various map issues such as misalligned ladders and thin walls.
    - Adventurers may attempt to steal from guards if they have at least 30 thieving.

Sun May 05 2019
(44) Player Owned Market Stalls & Map Update

    - With construction (and soon a new skill), adventurers may now build market stalls.
    - You may add buy and sell offers to markets; better stalls have more space.
    - The map has been visually updated to a more detailed tileset.

Sat Apr 20 2019
(43) Item Amount: X

    - You may now enter custom amounts for item amounts.
    - Use k, m, b for abbreviations.

Wed Apr 17 2019
(42.4) Additional Fixes

    - Players are force logged out after 2 minutes if disconnected from client and stuck in combat.
    - Fixed wolf paw necklace crafting.

Fri Apr 12 2019
(42.3) More Fixes

    - Adventurer select panel bugs fixed for adventurer updates.
    - Badges no longer bug the chat after a relog.
    - Added obelisk teleport scroll.

Mon Apr 08 2019
(42.2) Chat Badges & Minor Fixes

    - Chat badges now appear next to players who support GoG development through Patreon.
    - Construction camps are now properly depleting.

Sun Apr 07 2019
(42.1) Bugfixes

    - HP updates when eating food in the adventurer bar.
    - Eat timers are reduced.
    - Typing //getcamps into chat lists the locations of all your camps. A UI for this will come soon.
    - Client now correctly prompts the user to update when required.
    - Fixed some other small bugs.

Sat Mar 30 2019
(42) Underground Map, First Boss, First Minigame

    - The map now has an underground layer! Many caves to explore.
    - 60 new items, including new unique rare loots.
    - New creature classes; ogres, sea creatures, wolves and others.
    - Obelisk minigame! Defeat and defend from ever increasing waves, the longer your team lasts, the greater the loot.
    - New necklace slot, tools, weapons, armor, and tier 5 silk.
    - Holiday items appear again when worn.
    - Item bags now give a warning when binding an item.
    - Image cache issues fixed.

Sun Mar 10 2019
(41.3) Bugfixes & Multicombat Areas

    - Proper projectiles displayed properly in flight.
    - Multicombat areas added around the map, you will see a crossed-swords icon in the bottom right of the screen if you are in one.

Sat Mar 02 2019
(41.2) More Bugfixes

    - Tome of Collection fixed.
    - Tomes may be redirected by the Mysterious Man in Hyrill for 1,000 coins.

Thu Feb 28 2019
(41.1) Combat Calculation Update & Bugfixes

    - Action menu scrolling no longer sticks.
    - Screen resolution options added for mobile.
    - Combat calculation added. Damage absorption, no minimum hit, defense less powerful.
    - Monthly donation goal added.

Tue Feb 26 2019
(41) Graphics Upgrade, Simple Tutorial & More

    - Map animation for login screen.
    - UI graphics redesign, no more red client!
    - Basic, 2 step tutorial added for some beginning instruction.
    - Guards enable bounty for 60 seconds if you attack them.
    - Guards have a 1 in 64 chance to drop a tome of collection.
    - Dialog system integrated.

Wed Feb 20 2019
(40) Item Incineration & Essence Expansion

    - Nearly all items may be burned into essence shards.
    - Shards may be mixed into essence using a pestle & mortar.
    - 9 New essence added.
    - Cooking ranges added.
    - Level 20 thieving chests added to island.

Sun Feb 17 2019
(39.2) Toolip Information

    - Tooltips have increased information for item, world objects, NPCs.

Wed Feb 13 2019
(39.1) Bugfixes

    - Bounty icons now appearing over players heads again.
    - Fixed some hats not appearing correctly on head.
    - Fixed tooltips.

Mon Feb 11 2019
(39) Graphics Update - Character Models & Clothing

    - Characters now have more pieces to their model, and have a lot more animations for actions.
    - 80 New pieces of clothing added to customize your adventurers.
    - Pathfinding improved.
    - Map tiles update to better display walls.

Sun Feb 10 2019
(38) Cosmetic Item Payments - PayPal Support

    - Now using PayPal as payment provider for browser. Mobile payments coming soon.

Sun Feb 10 2019
(37.1) Tome Of Collection Rare Drops

    - Goblin King and Elder Goblins drop the Tome of Collection rarely. Hobgoblins have a very rare chance to drop.
    - Tomes will collect one type of item for x charges. It degrades to nothing.

Sat Feb 09 2019
(37) Item Bags Content Expansion

    - Spin flax into a drawstring then sew blue silk together to make an item bag.
    - Item bags are created unbound, using an item on the bag will PERMANENTLY bind that item to that bag.
    - Use silk of any type to repair or expand the bag's maximum size.
    - Storage space increased from 200 to 300.

Fri Feb 08 2019
(36.1) Mobile UI Updated & Click Events

    - Enable the press mode in settings to press down to show menus, and release to select an option. Faster for mobile users.
    - Mobile keyboard now shows the text field you are typing into.

Wed Feb 06 2019
(36) Permits Removed

    - GoG is now 100% free. Support development with the new cosmetic money bag.
    - Scaling issues on some Android devices improved.

Tue Feb 05 2019
(35) Android Mobile Release

    - GuildsOfGods is now available on the Android Play Store.
    - Mouse interactivity updated & other misc. fixes.

Mon Jan 28 2019
(34.1) Performance Updates - Halved CPU Usage

    - Spent some more time on optimizations, better object pooling.
    - Some teleports changed to new locations.

Sun Jan 27 2019
(34) Map Update - x4 old size!

    - The map has been expanded to a 200x200 world. There is a lot of content to come involving the new areas.
    - Additional player commands and player admin rights.

Fri Jan 25 2019
(33.4) Massive Client Update - Bigfixes #3

    - Clicking on items in game world now properly recognize all objects under the mouse.
    - Various interface fixes.

Wed Jan 23 2019
(33.3) Massive Client Update - Bigfixes #2

    - Reduced crashes and black screens. Some memory still left to cleanup.
    - More informative UI and gameplay animations.
    - Internal improvements to map management for upcoming dungeons and map update.

Mon Jan 21 2019
(33.2) Massive Client Update - Bigfixes

    - Fixed private upgrades appearing for all.
    - Memory leak fixed. Please report crashes or slow performance.

Mon Jan 21 2019
Massive Client Update - Release

    New Client Released! Please report bugs found to the slack channel or subreddit.
    - Worn equipment and all entity models complete.
    - Rats added.
    - Action menu added.

Thu Jan 17 2019
Massive Client Update - Part 4

    - Updates to Item Storage to fix tooltips.
    - CombatUI and EquipmentUI complete.
    - Adventurer control panel complete.

Wed Jan 16 2019
Massive Client Update - Part 3

    - Adventurer control panel updated to show the adventurer and some stats.
    - Projectiles are animatated and no longer take a tick to fire.

Mon Jan 14 2019
Massive Client Update - Part 2

    - Using new rendering engine for all graphics.
    - Hex color coding for chat (FF0000: will print the message in red.)