Guilds of Gods

About GuildsOfGods

GoG is an MMORPG that can run in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

GuildsOfGods is currently in pre-alpha testing, accounts will be reset upon official release.


Sounds, Noted Items, Harder Enemies - November 26th 2018
  • 40 Sounds for various gameplay actions.
  • Items can be withdrawn from storage or shops as notes, a stackable form of any item.
  • New Melee and Ranger Hobgoblins, Elder Goblins, and King Goblin.
  • Item selected indicator.
  • New level 40 boxfish.
  • NPCs retreat from combat if you leave their spawn area.
  • Fixed copper bars sprite.
  • Fixed cooking away from fires or after the fire goes out.
  • Fixed walking walking bug when walking towards something.
Big Update! Character Animations and Multiple Adventurers - November 16th 2018
  • All characters have a collection of animations for movement, attacking, and defending.
  • Each character will display its currently worn equipment.
  • All movements are on quarter tile steps now, smoother gameplay.
  • Players may hire up to 5 adventurers to control at once.
  • All characters have their own stats and inventory, but share storage.
  • Combat calculation updated to better respect differences in defense and focus levels.
  • Still some tweaking to come for clicking on moving characters...
PvP & Ground Item Ownership - October 24th 2018
  • PvP is enabled! Talk to the Emperor in the town to get a bounty hunter skull.
  • If you and your opponent both have a bounty hunter skull, you may fight anywhere outside of safe areas (town).
  • The island now has a cabin teleport spawn, so you can get back home.
  • The island is also "off limits" by order of the Emperor, visiting it will give you a 5 minute bounty!
  • Bounties are shown as red skull, you cannot enter the town with a red skull.
  • Ground Items appear only for your character for the first 30 seconds, disappear after 2 minutes total.
  • Picking up stacks of ground items will not delete extra ones if you did not have the space.
  • NPCs walk back to their spawn once they lose target (lose target by escaping combat and relog for now).
Site Updates & SSL Upgrade - October 22nd 2018
  • A nicer, more informative website. More information will be added to it.
  • Game and site now use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Total level calulation.
Combat Updates and Bugfixes - October 17th 2018
  • Healthbars above any character to be hit in the last 5 seconds.
  • Users cannot logout duing combat.
  • Combat max hits halved to be more to scale with hitpoints.
  • Added chicks.
  • Fixed mining and woodcutting bugs with walking to and cutting while respawning.
  • Walking is now handled server side.
Magic Update - October 16th 2018
  • Added 4 teleport spells crafted using void essence.
  • Alchemy now has an action menu for mixing spells.
Combat Update - October 15th 2018
  • Fixed projectile distance calculation and combat XP.
  • Fixed wizard droprate.
  • Added walk requirements for picking up items, talking to npc, banking, trading.
  • NPCs respawn at their spawn point.
  • Defense from armour now works.
  • Chickens are not as strong.
  • Showing combat levels for every Charater and other player, followable players.
  • Timer fixes for before and after current tick.
  • NPCs and characters pathfind into view and range for attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with the combat algorithm.
  • Added wizards and more chickens.
Graphics and Action Bugfixes - October 14th 2018
  • Actions can no longer be spam clicked to stack them.
  • Graphics issues of items or icons dissapearing or on death or relog fixed.
  • New accounts start with some health and a few more starter items.
  • Food! Cooked fish is now edible and will heal you in combat.
  • Added additional special characters to character map.
Shop, Map, and skill fixes - October 13th 2018
  • More in game messages on actions.
  • Shops no longer load stock from other shops.
  • Walking along the border of the map keeps your character centered.
  • Fletching arrows now remove correct items.