Guilds of Gods

About GuildsOfGods

GoG is an MMORPG that can run in Chrome and Firefox browsers. Mobile access is partially supported.

GuildsOfGods is currently in alpha! Your account data is backed up daily.


Deep Fishing Pool & Bug and Mechanic Fixes - December 29th 2018
  • Shallow Fishing Pool now only fishes low and medium tier fish.
  • New Deep Fishing Pool, which players can fish medium and high tier fish from.
  • Players can now build Deep Pool Fisheries through Construction.
  • Fletching King Maple & Magic bows now grants the intended amount of XP.
  • Fixed a bug where Nelenite Platebodies looked like Steel Platebodies.
  • Fixed a bug where mining a ore would display the wrong name.
  • You may only attack players near your combat level if you both have a bounty. This depends on the distance you are from the town.
  • Agressiveness is now cycled between players.
  • You may now trade and follow between your own adventurers.
  • All testing is now launched at for future updates before they go live.
Bugfixes and Fishing and Construction Updates - December 28th 2018
  • Construction Updates:
  • King Maple Lumber Camp
  • Magic Lumber Camp
  • Gothite Mining Camp
  • Osmium Mining Camp
  • Gothite Training Dummy
  • Osmium Training Dummy
  • Deep Pool Fishery
  • World-Map Updates:
  • Shallow Fishing Pool [Updated]: Can now only fish for low and medium tier fish
  • Deep Fishing Pool: For medium and high tier fish
  • XP Gain notification and toggle.
  • Bug-Fixes:
  • Coal and Clay have been changed to be more distinguishable from ores
  • Action menu now works properly when operating more than one adventurer.
Trading Interface and Construction XP Updates - December 27th 2018
  • You can now trade with other players through the trade interface. Right click another player to offer a trade. The option to trade and follow your other adventurers will come soon.
  • Construction camps now give a small amount of xp per item processed at the camp.
  • Clay pots now stack and you craft two at a time.
  • Selected adventurer is highlighted.
New Smithing, Fishing, and Woodcutting content - December 26th 2018
  • New fish; Rockfish and Starslug.
  • Gothite Ore & Bars
  • Gothite Platearmor & Chainmail
  • Gothite Weapons & Tools
  • Osmium Ore & Bars
  • Osmium Platearmor and Chainmail
  • Osmium Weapons & Tools
  • King Maple Logs and Bows
  • Magic Logs and Bows
  • Three Limited Time Christmas Collectables. You will have a chance to obtain these each year.
  • Gothite & Osmium Rocks
  • King Maple Tree & Magic Trees
  • White Christmas Themed Map Skin
Agressive NPCs, Training Dummies, Construction Bugfixes - December 22nd 2018
  • Some of the high level goblins are now agressive. More agressive monsters will be added soon.
  • Training dummies for level 1-30 construction to semi-idle train combat. Lasts 50-200HP depending on dummy. Talk to the Emperor for a construction frame to build one.
  • Moved bankers inside more.
  • Fixed construction frames being removed if missing other items/levels.
  • Fixed construction utility upgrades.
Combat Level Calculation & System Updates - December 21st 2018
  • New combat level calculation based on the averages of your focus, power, and defense levels. Hitpoints are divided by 3 and added to the total.
  • Chat limiting and chat filter. Filter is toggleable.
  • Saving personal settings for SFX and profanity filter.
Thieving Skill, Free-To-Play Construction & More Bugfixes - December 20th 2018
  • Level 1 Construction content is available to all players, talk to the Emperor for a construction frame to build idle camps.
  • New PvP orientated thieving skill. There are 9 chests to thieve from around the map. Looting a chest will give you a bounty, enabling PvP.
  • Client UI updated, better text and recolored UI.
  • Clicking on moving entities is now easier, hitbox follows animations.
More Bugfixes, More Mines - December 19th 2018
  • Map updated, added more to top mine and another mine next to town.
  • Equipment fix for equipping different arrows changing type.
  • Fixed activitylog for firing arrows or ammo, used to record whole stack.
  • Clear walking timer when in range for attack.
  • Chat message types for different accounts.
  • Fixed clay camp mining.
Many Bugfixes - December 18th 2018
  • Payment system fixed.
  • Clicks are now responsive with a color to indicate the type of action clicked.
  • Others on the way...
Messages and Building Permits - December 17th 2018
  • Message box messages colorized by message type. Filerable by type.
  • Building permits may now be purchased from the shop. Help support development!
  • Fixed issue with unequip for leg and arrow items.
  • Fixed items dissapearing on pickup with full inventory.
  • Slowed down farm rate for resources, fixed anvil.
Alpha Release! - December 15th 2018
  • Guilds of Gods has entered Alpha stage! All account data has been reset to ensure a fair start.
  • Daily account backups and activity logs which keep track of every item spawned and xp gained.
  • Construction is released, but building permits will not be available for a few days.
  • The action system has been reworked for more complex interactions.
  • The client is running faster and communicating on port 443 for increased compatability.
Sounds, Noted Items, Harder Enemies - November 26th 2018
  • 40 Sounds for various gameplay actions.
  • Items can be withdrawn from storage or shops as notes, a stackable form of any item.
  • New Melee and Ranger Hobgoblins, Elder Goblins, and King Goblin.
  • Item selected indicator.
  • New level 40 boxfish.
  • NPCs retreat from combat if you leave their spawn area.
  • Fixed copper bars sprite.
  • Fixed cooking away from fires or after the fire goes out.
  • Fixed walking walking bug when walking towards something.
Big Update! Character Animations and Multiple Adventurers - November 16th 2018
  • All characters have a collection of animations for movement, attacking, and defending.
  • Each character will display its currently worn equipment.
  • All movements are on quarter tile steps now, smoother gameplay.
  • Players may hire up to 5 adventurers to control at once.
  • All characters have their own stats and inventory, but share storage.
  • Combat calculation updated to better respect differences in defense and focus levels.
  • Still some tweaking to come for clicking on moving characters...
PvP & Ground Item Ownership - October 24th 2018
  • PvP is enabled! Talk to the Emperor in the town to get a bounty hunter skull.
  • If you and your opponent both have a bounty hunter skull, you may fight anywhere outside of safe areas (town).
  • The island now has a cabin teleport spawn, so you can get back home.
  • The island is also "off limits" by order of the Emperor, visiting it will give you a 5 minute bounty!
  • Bounties are shown as red skull, you cannot enter the town with a red skull.
  • Ground Items appear only for your character for the first 30 seconds, disappear after 2 minutes total.
  • Picking up stacks of ground items will not delete extra ones if you did not have the space.
  • NPCs walk back to their spawn once they lose target (lose target by escaping combat and relog for now).
Site Updates & SSL Upgrade - October 22nd 2018
  • A nicer, more informative website. More information will be added to it.
  • Game and site now use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Total level calulation.
Combat Updates and Bugfixes - October 17th 2018
  • Healthbars above any character to be hit in the last 5 seconds.
  • Users cannot logout duing combat.
  • Combat max hits halved to be more to scale with hitpoints.
  • Added chicks.
  • Fixed mining and woodcutting bugs with walking to and cutting while respawning.
  • Walking is now handled server side.
Magic Update - October 16th 2018
  • Added 4 teleport spells crafted using void essence.
  • Alchemy now has an action menu for mixing spells.
Combat Update - October 15th 2018
  • Fixed projectile distance calculation and combat XP.
  • Fixed wizard droprate.
  • Added walk requirements for picking up items, talking to npc, banking, trading.
  • NPCs respawn at their spawn point.
  • Defense from armour now works.
  • Chickens are not as strong.
  • Showing combat levels for every Charater and other player, followable players.
  • Timer fixes for before and after current tick.
  • NPCs and characters pathfind into view and range for attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with the combat algorithm.
  • Added wizards and more chickens.
Graphics and Action Bugfixes - October 14th 2018
  • Actions can no longer be spam clicked to stack them.
  • Graphics issues of items or icons dissapearing or on death or relog fixed.
  • New accounts start with some health and a few more starter items.
  • Food! Cooked fish is now edible and will heal you in combat.
  • Added additional special characters to character map.
Shop, Map, and skill fixes - October 13th 2018
  • More in game messages on actions.
  • Shops no longer load stock from other shops.
  • Walking along the border of the map keeps your character centered.
  • Fletching arrows now remove correct items.